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Electric Cutaway

Proterra’s products are the result of taking an obvious but radically new approach to satisfying bus fleet operators' needs.

purpose-built (pʉr′pəs bilt′)
BRIT. designed and built for a particular purpose or use

Our initial target market is transit, commercial, airport and other bus fleet operators. These customers share the following characteristics and requirements that are directly addressed by Proterra's line of vehicles:

Transit Agency Usage Attributes

  • Operate up to 20 hours per day
  • Scheduled stops for 10 minutes or more per hour
  • Average speed and distance between 5-20 miles per hour
  • Top speed under 65

Transit Agency Needs

  • Reduced fuel use
  • Easier and lower cost maintenance
  • Reduced number of vehicles purchased
  • Increased ridership
  • Lower emissions
  • Quieter vehicles
  • Use of easy-to-access fuel types
  • Lightweight vehicles for longer lasting roads
  • Longer lasting vehicles
  • Safer vehicles
  • No new demands on drivers

Along with its EcoRide BE-35, Proterra offers a full-spectrum of services to its customers, including sample route simulation to plan charge station locations; fuel savings and cost of operation evaluation and harmful emissions reduction calculations. Through the use of a sophisticated and customized computer simulation model, Proterra can assess the performance of the bus on a specific customer route and provide consulting services on how to improve performance of buses and drivers, such as improving HVAC usage and driver operation of the bus.  Consulting services on integration of Proterra's transit solutions into specific customer operations ensure that Proterra's charge stations are successfully located and installed and may include site preparation and installation services for Proterra charge stations at approved customer sites.

Taken as a whole, Proterra’s purpose-built design answers the call from transit agencies for all of the above and more. The Proterra bus is quiet, emissions free, low maintenance, durable and long lasting.

Additionally, Proterra’s economic value proposition is strong. Compared to diesel buses and even the best hybrid technology, Proterra’s battery-electric configuration generates up to $300,000 in fuel cost savings, assuming $3/gallon diesel. If historic prices are any guide, extrapolating from the 150% increase in diesel prices in the last 12 years and a concurrent 38% increase in electricity rates, savings over the 12-year life of the vehicle are expected to be closer to $430,000.